The Importance Of Legal Representation In Divorce

One of the most common mistakes individuals make when facing a separation or a divorce is the failure to hire an experienced divorce lawyer in San Diego as soon as the decision is made to end the relationship. This is particularly true for spouses divorcing after a first marriage, which includes about 40-50% of all divorces filed each year.

The choices made in the initial weeks or months after the decision to divorce has been made can have far reaching consequences. Often people are not considering the long-term impact of their decisions or the way their actions or choices may be viewed from a legal perspective.

In many cases, couples assume that hiring San Diego divorce lawyers is a cost they cannot afford.  Unfortunately, this misunderstanding often ends up costing the parties more in the long run and increases the conflict and strife occurring during the divorce process.

There are many issues involved in most divorces, which is why a divorce lawyer in San Diego is so essential. As your attorneys, we will work with you to achieve the best possible results for you in regard to support, division of your property and child custody.  We will ensure that we have the information necessary to understand the particular facts of your marriage, and we will inform you about your options for moving forward with an out-of-court settlement, or, if necessary, proceeding to a hearing or trial.

Minimize Stress and Conflict

While it is very natural to have strong negative feelings about your spouse during the divorce process,  it is critical to avoid contributing to the stress, conflict and hostility that may exist. This is not only important for you and your healing, but it is essential for the well-being of your children.

It is not uncommon for people to have misunderstandings or unrealistic expectations about the issues involved in their divorce. As your divorce lawyers in San Diego, we will provide you with the legal information and the advice you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your children as you navigate through this challenging time in your life.

As your divorce lawyers in San Diego, we have the ability to negotiate and work with your spouse, or his/her attorney, to create parenting plans and to assist in minimizing the conflict you and your children may be experiencing.

Mediation and Divorce

As San Diego divorce lawyers, we can help you settle your case through mediation by acting as a neutral mediator for you and your spouse or by counseling and advising you while you and your spouse meet with a mediator.  Mediated divorces are usually much less stressful for the parties than having to go through court proceedings.  The parties are actively involved in the mediation process, and they can work with their mediator to create a settlement that is customized for their particular financial circumstances.  They also have the ability to utilize mediation to create a co-parenting plan that outlines each parent’s time with the children.