Important Considerations In A High Income, High Asset Divorce

When a divorcing couple have a large estate, many complex issues are presented during the divorce process.  This is particularly true when there are several properties, issues about the value of a business or professional practice, or questions about the income of a spouse from a business or professional practice.  In any high asset divorce in San Diego, working with an experienced attorney is essential.

Not every divorce lawyer in San Diego has had experience with high asset divorces.  Because these divorces can include assets worth millions of dollars, high incomes, large retirement and investment accounts, and significant tax considerations, you need an attorney with extensive experience in these areas.  An experienced divorce attorney in San Diego will also be able to discern whether your case should involve other experts to ensure that the assets in your estate are properly appraised and that the division of the estate is made efficiently, in compliance with California family law, and tailored as much as possible to your specific financial circumstances.

Financial Considerations

A high asset divorce in San Diego may include valuations of a business, professional practice, or real property, as well as ascertaining the value of all other assets, whether located inside and/or outside of the United States.

Issues we will address as your divorce attorneys in San Diego include:

  • The impact of a prenuptial agreement, if one exists
  • Determining the actual income available for support from a business or professional practice operated by you or your spouse
  • Determining whether an asset should be considered one spouse’s separate property and therefore should not be divided equally with the other spouse as is required in the distribution of assets that are characterized as joint or community property
  • Division of your investments and retirement plans
  • Determining income from trusts or annuities
  • Whether there should be an investigation to determine possible fraud in the disclosure of assets

By involving us as early as possible in a high asset divorce in San Diego, we can work to preserve your property rights and help prevent possible mistakes or misunderstandings that may have a negative impact on your estate.

Privacy Through High Asset Divorce

Another critical reason to involve an experienced high asset divorce attorney in San Diego very early in the proceedings is to protect your personal privacy and that of your business or professional practice.We can work in a collaborative manner with your spouse and his or her attorney, assist you through mediation, and, in cases where litigation becomes necessary, take measures to assure as much protection as possible from the public disclosure of the specific financial matters of your divorce.

Child Support, Spousal Support and Parenting Time

In a high income divorce, an important factor may be the determination of the parties’ marital standard of living, and there may be issues in regard to the earning ability of the spouse who is requesting support.  Also, it is not uncommon that the high wage earner may have to travel frequently on business or work long hours, which can have an impact on developing a parenting schedule that works well for the parties and their children.  An experienced divorce lawyer in San Diego is vitally important to help parties address these matters.

The child support guidelines established by the State of California do not necessarily apply to a case where the supporting parent has a very high income.  We will work closely with you to help you understand how child support and spousal support are determined in high income, high asset divorces and what we can do to obtain support orders that are appropriate for your particular financial circumstances.