Work Towards a Resolution that is Tailored to Your Needs through San Diego Divorce Mediation

As experienced San Diego divorce attorneys, part of our role is to assist you in resolving the differences you may have with your spouse in as amicable a manner as possible.  The benefits of mediating your divorce are that you have more control over the ultimate resolution than you have if your divorce issues are decided in a court room, and the process is usually less stressful and less expensive.

We offer San Diego divorce mediation with the experienced attorneys in our family law firm, who can serve as a neutral mediator for you and your spouse or advise you while you and your spouse are engaging in mediation with another mediator.

How is Divorce Mediation Conducted?

Mediation may take place over one or several sessions.  San Diego divorce mediation can address all aspects of a divorce, and you and your spouse can decide how you would like the mediation sessions structured.  For example, you and your spouse may meet with the mediator with no other attorneys present or you may elect to have your advising attorneys present for some sessions. The process is much less formal than a court hearing or trial, and the discussions during mediation are considered confidential and cannot be revealed to a judge if the mediation is not successful.

It is important to know that the mediator cannot provide you with legal advice during the mediation process or act as the attorney for either party if the mediation does not resolve all of your issues.   If you and your spouse have selected a neutral mediator, it is of vital importance that you consult with and be assisted by an attorney who specializes in family law throughout the mediation process.

It is also important to know that the mediator is not a judge who will decide the issues for you.  The resolution of your issues will be based solely on the agreements you and your spouse reach through the mediation process.  

Benefits of Using Our San Diego Divorce Attorneys

Unlike many law firms, all of our attorneys are certified by the State Bar of California as Family Law Specialists.  Our mediators are qualified, experienced and very familiar with the process of mediation.  However, all of them are also experienced litigators who have insight as to how a judge might decide a particular issue if the issue cannot be resolved through mediation.  

Mediation through our San Diego divorce attorneys can not only be less costly than a litigated divorce but it can also produce faster results.  Because there are no lengthy waits to get a court hearing or trial date, mediation can provide a very quick resolution when you and your spouse are able to reach a consensus about the terms of your settlement agreement, which when signed, will be incorporated into a court order or judgment of dissolution.

Mediation can be a very non-adversarial and cooperative option for resolving divorce issues, which can allow the parties to get on with their lives and, where there are children, focus on becoming good, effective co-parents.