It varies from case to case as to how long it will take to resolve.  The issues involved and the complexity of those issues have a significant impact on how quickly your case can be completed.  The willingness of both parties to compromise also has an impact on how long a case takes reach a final conclusion.  Your attorney will discuss with you the procedures involved in resolving the issues particular to your case and can provide estimates of how long it will take to resolve those issues. 

Of course this is a top concern for every client.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict how much it cost to resolve a case.  Although we are unable to inform our clients as to the exact cost, the costs incurred in a case are very much proportionate to the ability of the parties to resolve their issues.  Very often, the parties that negotiate and compromise will spend less than those that fight over every issue.  When you meet with one of the attorneys at Baldwin & Da Silva, LLP, the attorney will discuss the retainer required to begin your case.  

Baldwin & Da Silva, LLP is a family law firm comprised of State Bar of California Certified Family Law Specialists who have experience in a myriad of family law issues ranging from paternity, to domestic violence restraining orders, to divorces and post judgment support and custody issues.  Each of the experienced attorneys in our firm discuss the options available to you to address your issues whether it be through mediation or litigation.

Baldwin & Da Silva, LLP is centrally located in San Diego County in the area of University City.  Our offices are located in the La Jolla Gateway building close to the La Jolla Village Drive exit off of the 805 Freeway. 

Our office address is 9191 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 550, San Diego, California 92122. 

Our central location in University City provides easy access to all courthouses in San Diego County.  We represent clients at all four main family law courthouses, including North County, East County, South County, and all three central locations including the Family Court located on Sixth Avenue, Madge Bradley and the Hall of Justice. 

It is possible to never step foot in a courthouse.  Whether a case must go to court for a hearing or a full trial will depend greatly on the complexity of the issues involved and the willingness of both parties to resolve their issues outside of court.  If you do need to go to court, you will be prepared in advance by our experienced attorneys and legal staff.  

In addition to litigating matters in Court, all of the attorneys at Baldwin & Da Silva, LLP have many years of experience in mediation, whether guiding a client through the mediation process as that client mediates with a neutral mediator or acting as the neutral mediator for the parties.  Either way, if your goal is to resolve your case and issues through mediation, the experienced attorneys at Baldwin & Da Silva, LLP can assist you.  Many times, mediation can be more a more cost effective way to resolve your case.

There are several ways to bring your case to closure.  We will explore the various options available for you to help you determine the most effective way to resolve your case.  Options include, but are not limited to, mediation informally with parties, attorneys and/or settlement judges, custody mediation, through settlement proposals, etc.  Sometimes litigation is the preferred option when an issue in dispute is not likely to be resolved through compromise and an alternate agreement cannot be reached.