diamond2 Divorce

One of the most common mistakes individuals make when facing a separation or divorce is the failure to hire a divorce lawyer in San Diego as soon as the decision is made to end the relationship.

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diamond2 Child Support

Like most states within the USA, child support in California is calculated based on a set of guidelines. This guideline is based on a specific mathematical formula used to calculate the amount of child support required.

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diamond2 Mediation

As some of the most experienced San Diego divorce attorneys, our role is to assist you in resolving the differences you may have through the divorce proceeding in order to obtain an amicable resolution.

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diamond2 Custody & Visitation

Our children are the most precious component of our lives, so it is no wonder that parenting and custody of children is the most challenging in a divorce.

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Divorces are almost always very stressful experiences for the parties involved, even under the best of circumstances.  Most divorced people will say that their divorce was one of the most difficult experiences of their lives.   We understand.  We have combined family law experience of more than 80 years.  All of us have been certified by the State Bar of California as Family Law Specialists, and our firm is exclusively devoted to representing parties in family law matters.  Because of our extensive experience, we have the knowledge and skill to guide you and advocate for you through this very challenging time.

A San Diego Divorce Attorney Will Be Your Advocate Throughout the Divorce Proceedings

Decisions you make now will have an enormous impact on your life, so it is important to seek representation as as soon as possible from a divorce attorney in San Diego whose practice is exclusively devoted to family law matters.

The Reality of Divorce

Some divorces may be relatively simple, and the couple can, with minimal difficulty, divide their property, make arrangements for support, and agree upon a parenting plan with advice and guidance from a family law attorney.  However, there are many divorces that involve very complicated legal issues, which can be made more complex by the emotions involved in breaking up a family and dividing the assets the parties have acquired during their marriage.  It is not unusual for people going through a divorce to be very upset with their spouses and to feel anger, frustration, fear and deep concerns about their futures as well the futures of their children.

Trying to determine the rights and liabilities of each spouse, what support should be paid to a spouse or for the support of a child and what would be the most equitable division of a couple’s property can present complex legal issues.  Even when a small estate is involved, mistakes can be made that can have a detrimental impact on one or both parties for the rest of their lives.  Because of the intense emotions that often exist, particularly during the time a couple first separates, it is important to have a  San Diego divorce attorney who can represent you during negotiations for settlement, and, if necessary, be your advocate in court hearings or trials.

Understanding California Divorce Laws

Working with a divorce attorney in San Diego from our firm will provide you with highly qualified legal representation and the guidance you need to understand California divorce laws and how these laws affect your specific circumstances.  

In addition to determining what is best for the children of your marriage, you will need to make important decisions on the division of property, how much spousal or child support should be paid, and how to divide debts you may have incurred as a couple. With our legal team in place, you will have advice every step of the way as to your rights and liabilities.  We will address your current situation as well as your concerns about your future financial security

We are San Diego divorce attorneys, with over 80 years of combined experience,  and we know how difficult California divorce laws and procedures can be to understand.  Adding to this are very real and justified fears about maintaining relationships with your children, your financial security, and even where you will live and how you will support yourself.  In addition to the four partners in our firm who are all certified by the State Bar of California as Family Law Specialists, we have several experienced and very capable legal assistants who will assist with the preparation of your case and be available to answer questions you may have about the status of your matter and court procedures.  

Having a Voice

As experienced divorce attorneys in San Diego, we will be your voice in negotiating with opposing counsel or your spouse or in representing you in court hearings or trials.  We can act as a joint, neutral mediator for you and your spouse, or, if your case is being mediated by another attorney, we can advise you during the mediation process.  Mediation can provide you and your spouse with the opportunity to resolve your divorce on your own terms, but if both parties cannot agree to enter into mediation or the mediation is not successful, all of our family law attorneys have had extensive experience as litigators and are well qualified to work through the court system as your San Diego divorce attorneys.

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The Partners

Laury M. Baldwin
Laury M. Baldwin

Attorney (Retired)

Laury M. Baldwin, now retired, was in private practice and a licensed member of the California State Bar for almost 40 years.  She was also a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Carole D. Baldwin


Carole D. Baldwin has been a licensed member of the California State Bar since 2001 with her practice solely focused on family law related matters, including complex custody and property issues.  

Angela Da Silva


Angela Da Silva has been a licensed member of the California State Bar since 1999.  Ms. Da Silva had an individual practice before joining Veltmann & Leto, LLP and Veltmann Law Group where she handled complex family law matters for over 10 years before becoming a partner in Baldwin, Baldwin, Da Silva & Seifert, LLP.

Tricia K. Seifert

of Counsel

Tricia K. Seifert (of Counsel) has been a licensed member of the California State Bar since 2003. Since being admitted to the State Bar, Ms. Seifert’s practice has been solely focused on family law.